The “40 Days Of Blogging” project is a spiritual exercise, so it may seem strange that I am writing about my garden.  But food, and its cultivation, is a spiritual thing for a Christian.  If you are taking communion and ingesting the body and blood of Christ, then it makes sense that whatever else you put down your gullet should be as clean as possible.  Gardening, with the expected end product of healthy and healthful organic food is naturally related to this.  I normally do an end-of-the-garden report sometime at the end of September or beginning of October but that didn’t happen this year due to slacking off on my part.  But another reason is that the garden is still going on.

I miss my time each morning in the garden when the season is done.  I try to fill the void by homebrewing, growing mushrooms, etc. but it is very different than the normal warm weather routine.  But as I mentioned above, the garden is still a growing concern, although to a much lesser extent.  I decided to try to extend the growing season for a few crops by using cloches.  These plastic bells are basically mini-greenhouses, and allow the growing season to continue as long as there is sunshine.  I purchased three cloches and used them for the following crops – my parsley and oregano pots, which were transferred to the garden proper, and, on a whim, a random tomato plant that sprouted in the compost heap.  The tomato plant didn’t survive the early snowstorm, but the herbs are doing great – the oregano is particularly thriving.  These are minor things but it is nice to keep gardening at this late date.