We have a series of emails going back and forth about a new sign for the St. Spyridon Preschool and one missive included the phrase “Enrolling Now” which reminded me of the following story, which I emailed to the committee:

This is not important but I thought I would share a story with all y’all that I remembered when I read the “Enrolling Now” reference.  When I went to school in England I used to go skating at an ice rink several miles from the dorm.  While walking there I would pass by a public school (in England a public school is what we would call a private school and vice versa) that had a sign saying Enrol Now.  I remember thinking, what a bunch of idiots to misspell a word on a school sign!  In a phone conversation with my father I regaled him with this story and he informed me that enrol is a legitimate variation of enroll and was indeed how he learned to spell it in school during the 1940s here in Massachusetts (he sometimes spells things in the English manner, which tells me that that was the curriculum back then).  So apparently that is how they spell the word in England (my spell check is flagging it but that is probably because I have it set to American English), and the joke was on me.