Today, or rather this evening, marks the end of Advent, and with it the end of the Preachers Institute’s 40 Days Of Blogging exercise.  And I did it!  If you have read this blog in the past you know that my posting is sporadic.  The exercise forced me to blog every day, which is in fact very easy to do.  I will likely take tomorrow – Christmas – off, but I hope that the lessons learned from this inspire me to keep up a decent pace and blog much more often.  We will see.  I will leave you with quick, mildly humorous story.

Recently on Facebook someone posted about having to consume stuff in the fridge because room was needed.  Another friend commented something along the lines of “Wait – we are Greek.  Shouldn’t there be another refrigerator somewhere?”.  Classic!  One of the hallmarks of a stereotypical Greek family is the second fridge in the garage or basement, and often an additional freezer.  Well, our family I guess is not stereotypical, because we only have the one refrigerator in the kitchen.  This presented a problem today because the big turkey (organic and humanely raised, of course) that we have for Christmas tomorrow is in the pan and ready to go but doesn’t fit with the other stuff in our fridge.  So I brought it down to the basement but that is probably not cold enough.  The solution?  I put in on the passenger seat of the car in the garage.  The garage is cold enough without being freezing, but I wouldn’t want to leave it out with only foil covering it – wouldn’t want any predators getting to it.  In the car, though, it should be secure.  As long as I don’t forget to take it out and bring it upstairs tomorrow morning before taking off for church!

Merry Christmas everyone.