I normally do not comment on problems at other Orthodox churches but I find it necessary to link to these two writing from our Metropolitan – you can read them here and here, with a Greek version of the editorial here.  I am doing this for several reasons.  One, the issue of our financial commitment to the Archdiocese, and how it relates to the Metropolis, is not always understood by parishioners.  Two, the Metropolitan has asked us to distribute these writings to help clarify the issue.  And, last but not least, there is much confusion in the communities due to articles published in a certain Greek-American newspaper.  As always, His Eminence puts it best, so I will end this with his preamble to the linked writings:

Various stories are circulating in the Press and on the Internet, both here and throughout the world, dealing with the unfortunate developments in the St. George Parish in Lynn, Massachusetts.  They are fraught with misinformation and crafted to seed division among the clergy and laity of our Archdiocese.