It looks like I should have read ahead – today’s assignment is “Reading the Scriptures”.  I got into this yesterday, so let me take a different approach.  It is best to know scripture well in your own language, so you can make connections and put it all together.  When you are ready to take it to the next level, then it is time to learn Hebrew and Biblical Greek, followed by Syriac/Assyrian and Arabic (to help with the Hebrew).  I recommend these awesome books:

-Lambdin’s or Weingreen’s books on learning Hebrew – you can find them easily on Amazon.  They both take different approaches, so find the one that is right for you.  They are designed for self-study, as are all of the books here.

-For Classical Arabic and Syriac, get the intro books by Wheeler Thackston.  Thackston is great because he teaches without vowel markers, so there is no need to wean yourself off of them as your grasp on the languages develops.  Answer keys are also available.

-For Greek, Machen is the classic text.  I recommend Croy’s primer.  It is nauseatingly PC in its presentation but is an easy way to start out with Biblical Greek.

When I was at Holy Cross we used the Paine book on NT Greek (and it was a catastrophe) although the book store sold the Croy text as well.  We used Lambdin for Hebrew and Thackston for Syriac.  While at St. Vlad’s I had to adject to Weingreen for Hebrew, and I now prefer that text.