One of my favorite topics!  As you can see from the subject, this is day 37 of the exercise, so we have three more days until Christmas.  And as I write this – late December in Massachusetts – I have three crops still growing to yield in our garden – swiss chard, lettuce, and, especially, kale.  Truthfully, the first two have been pretty played out at this point, but the kale is still growing and every week or so at this point I harvest enough leaves to make a nice dish of sauteed kale greens.  Kale and chard continue to grow as you harvest the bigger leaves even into cold weather – kale actually does better in cooler weather.  Lettuce has the advantage of growing quickly – you can easily get three harvests from spring to fall or just keep planting seeds and letting things come as they may.  Once Christmas is past, though, the sad season, as I call it, sets in.  We just had the solstice, so the days are starting to get longer, but we have a long way to go until planting season.