The most recent blogging topic is hats.  I am going to stay away from blogging about hats in Orthodoxy because there is some controversy, especially in the Orthodox blogosphere, about the status of the kalimauki – the black hat you see some priests wear – as liturgical garb for priests.  So I figured I would talk about a very cool hat from the past.

There is probably no time where a guy wears a hat more than when he is in college.  Rolling out of bed and heading to class, going out, whatever – hats, at least when I was in school, were part of the uniform.  At UVa, there were two very popular hats beyond the usual Virginia ones.  You would often see University of South Carolina hats, largely due to what was thought to be a clever abbreviation of the Gamecocks nickname.  There was another hat that I could not figure out until someone clued me in.  The hat featured the logo below, and I would rarely go a day without seeing someone wearing one.  The hat turned out to be the official cap of the Carolina Mudcats, based in Zebulon (in the Research Triangle of North Carolina).  It turns out the current incarnation of the team is recent – the original Mudcats moved to Pensacola and became the Blue Wahoos.  UVa’s teams are nicknamed the Cavaliers, but no on involved with the school calls them that.  The nickname for the nickname is Wahoos, or ‘hoos.  A wahoo is a fish that supposedly can drink many times its weight, so you can imagine how the nickname developed.  So we have come full circle with college hats…


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