Today’s charge in the 40 Days of Blogging exercise is to write about what kind of handmade gift we would like, since originally Christmas gifts were homemade.  My whole take on Christmas is to get away from the gift-giving, since this is one of the main reasons it has lost its religious meaning.  I do encourage giving cards, though, and I suggest you either make your own or, if you buy them, buy ones with nothing written inside.  Don’t go for canned sentiment – make it real!  And avoid Happy Holidays, Joyous Season, whatever – don’t take the soul out of Christmas!  Wish all your friends merry Christmas regardless of their background.  If they are well-adjusted human beings they will enjoy it; if they get offended, well, too bad – do we really need such friends?  My non-Christian friends always wish me well on their holidays and mine, and I the same.  We include each other and it is wonderful.  Isn’t this better than being namby-pamby and/or being perpetually offended?