The topic for Day 31 is Idolatry.  Fr. John sets the theme: “The topic for Sunday, December 15 – Day 31 of our 30 (40) Days of Blogging is IDOLATRY The Worship of Idols This has less to do with seasonal materialism than with militant secularization and neo-paganism, both of which are a lot more entrenched than you imagine…”

I have to disagree with him.  Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year – the Winter solstice – and many pagans will celebrate the birth of the sun or other variations on this.  My disagreement is that these people are not idolaters – they are not worshipping created physical objects.  People who practice Wicca and other various neo-pagan traditions have concepts of a goddess and a god, but do not worship created things (even if you include the sun as a created object – the reverence is for the goddess rather than the sun).  In any case, as a Christian my take on this is I respect their beliefs and would never let these kind of belief differences get in the way of friendship, but of course I don’t ever shy away from my own beliefs.