Today Fr. Peck has us blogging about holiday drinks.  I am going to freelance a little because I think for Christmas this year I will debut our new homemade wine.  Our grapevine this year – its second full year – produced grapes.  As we did last year, my good friend Al and I foraged for wild grapes (this being New England they were concord grapes) throughout the area, and we took in a pretty decent haul which we combined with the several bunches I harvested from the house grapevine.  Al took some to make jam, and I used the rest to make wine (Prez being the chemist in the family did most of the work).  We ended up with about several gallongs worth, total, of sweet wine.  Besides the Christmas supply, the rest will be used for communion wine since it is sweet red wine.  My challenge to Orthodox readers: go beyond making prosphoro.  Make wine! 🙂