Our next assignment in the 40 Days of Blogging exercise is “island” – whatever that word brings to our mind.  I became aware of the notion of a desert island disc (record) years ago when reading one of my many books about the Beatles – there is a long-running BBC program called Desert Island Discs.  The show is true to the title – the guests choose 8 records they would bring if stranded on an island.  I always figured you just picked one, and for me the choice has to be the Beatles White Album (which is technically called The Beatles but no one uses that name for it).  I suppose this is cheating – it is a double album rather than a single.  The reason I choose it is because of the sheer variety of music – thirty songs that hop among and in some cases invent genres of rock music – country, metal, musique concrete, folk, music hall, 70s arena rock (several years before the 70s started), and more.  One of my favorite records is a white vinyl version of the album.  I now have the White Album in a superior mono format (there are minor and major variations between the stereo and mono mixes, and prefer mono to begin with) and after listening to it for well over twenty years it still holds up – I could handle it being my only music when stranded on an island.