Fr. John chose this topic for our assignment because Day 24 was the feast of the Conception of the Virgin Mary – very fitting!  The idea here is, I think, to talk about life and the abortion issue.  At times in the Orthodox blogosphere and in social media our bishops have taken some shots for supposedly not speaking up about life issues.  I disagree – I think it is more that our bishops leave the political stuff to the politicians and prefer not to meddle with such things.  In our own Metropolis, His Eminence has always spoken out forcefully on moral issues.  He recently received national props around the blogosphere for his address to the Metropolis Clergy-Laity assembly, but to those of us under his jurisdiction we were not surprised – he has always spoken from the seat of Moses when necessary.  A typical, and unreported, example happened several years ago at a Greek event where a congressman (who is not Orthodox) spoke.  The MC introduced him and mentioned, among other things, that he was pro-choice.  Later in the program Metropolitan Methodios got up to speak and, before he began his remarks, he looked over to the gentleman and said “Congressman _____, I hope your choice is pro-life”.  He then went into his talk on another subject.  It was awesome – I started furiously texting friends (discretely, since I was at the head table).  It was the perfect moment, and I hope it made the congressman – a very good man whom I consider a friend – do some thinking.


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