On Thursday I participated in what has become for me a local tradition – serving vespers at St. Nicholas in Clinton on the eve of the feast (as well as serving liturgy at St. Nicholas in Shrewsbury the next morning).  We had a nice turnout for the vespers service, with many people coming not just from the home community but from Worcester, Fitchburg and Marlborough as well.  Below is a photo of Fr. Iakovos delivering the sermon.  One interesting thing about liturgy the next day in Shrewsbury: As common as the name Nicholas is in the Orthodox world, it was pretty cool to serve at a church named St. Nicholas whose priest is Fr. Nicholas and which is under the jurisdiction of an Archdiocese headed by Archbishop Nicolae (the Romanian version of Nicholas).  This cannot be a common phenomena!

Update: Again something is preventing the file from being uploaded.  Will try to post it when (if?) I figure things out.