I have fallen behind in the 40 Days Of Blogging exercise, so it is catch-up time.  For Day 18 we have another whimsical topic – feet.  As I write this the temperature outside is below freezing, so dreams of walking barefoot outside will remain just that – dreams.  But walking barefoot outside is good for the soul and body.  It is how we were meant to walk, after all, and it helps us feel more in touch (literally) with the earth.  Also, there are tons of nerve receptors on the bottom of our feet.  So when we walk barefoot on the beach, for example, all the grains of sand connect with the different nerves and fire up the whole body.

Again, this is not going to happen anytime soon here in New England, so I will have to settle for walking barefoot on the berber carpets we have upstairs in the house 🙂 .