I celebrated a funeral the other day in Clinton and before the service I noticed the rather unusual (to me) icon below.  I have only been in that church about a million times so I can’t believe I never saw it before.  It is a depiction of the Anargyroi (“without silver”, for they accepted no pay), or the Unmercenaries.  This is the name of our sister church in Marlboro, as a matter of fact.  But this icon, done in the western or neo-Byzantine style typical of many of our New England churches, adds a third Unmercenary, St. Panteleimon.  Note the spoons and boxes that they are holding – these are instruments of healing.  Some icons of the Unmercenaries  will show them holding a urine flask; back in the day doctors would analyze urine to try to figure out what was wrong with someone.  Next time you are at St. Nicholas in Clinton – and a nice trifecta there is to check out the Museum of Russian Icons, St. Nicholas, and the Old Timer restaurant (and a cool superfecta would be to add in the beautiful stained glass at St. Johns there as well)  – check out the icon – it is leaning against the wall at the front left of the church.