Yesterday was the annual Boston Greek Independence Day Parade.  Sts. Anargyroi again participated, and we had about 50 people (up by about 20 from our initial participation last year) walking behind our banner.  Many thanks to all who walked in the parade with us as well as Enosis Philoptochos, who paid for our entry fee, the Gagas family and Family House of Pizza of Marlborough for our lunch, and the Evangelous family and Gemini Signs who made our banner.  As we passed the reviewing stand, the radio announcers spoke about how awesome (to use their term) our banner was, because it had our website, Facebook, QR code, and Twitter info.  It was the perfect ending to a great day!  Last year we survived torrential downpours; this year it was pleasant weather punctuated by insane bursts of hurricane-like wind.  Welcome to New England in the spring!


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