Today we are charged in the blogging exercise with talking about chocolate – the idea is that we are close to Christmas and soon will be breaking the fast and indulging (moderately of course).  I am going to shift to candy canes, if I may.  They are ubiquitous this time of year – often attached to gifts, put in stockings, available in jars at the front desk, etc.  Well, guess what?  Most all have artificial color, which is not just something we shouldn’t be ingesting but also is like a jumpstart to little children.

So many well-meaning people give our children candy and treats.  When the kids eat them they go berserk and it affects sleep (and home school) for several days.  Please be conscientious about what you give other people’s children.  Please don’t dismiss dietary concerns of parents as “whatever”.  And seek out real candy canes – they do exist.

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