Chris F. told me an interesting story recently.  He recalled a time early in his childhood when the Tonna Room at the Cathedral had no carpet.  He mentioned that there was a crest or family seal or something in the middle of the room embedded or inscribed in the tile.  No one else seems to have a memory of this nor of there ever not being a carpet in the room.  I am fascinated by this – if such a thing exists I think we should have it visible.  There are plans to overhaul the Tonna Room in one of the next stages, but Al, Charlie and I decided to do a little detective work the other day.  Al and Charlie both doubted there was even tile under the carpet, and so we peeled back a piece of rug and discovered that there is indeed 9″x9″ tile under there.  Is there a seal in the middle of the room?  We will have to wait to discover that, but if anyone has any memory of this please comment.