Is the building project at the Cathedral completed?  Well, except for a few small things Phase 2 Stage 2 pretty much is (we are currently working on the kitchen, which is a separate part of the project).  We still of course have to raise some more money but hopefully that will come in good time.  The refurbished Cotsidas Auditorium as well as the classrooms and the new “Bumpout” are beautiful, and I look forward to all of the spaces getting heavy use.  Check out pictures here.

I have been taking pictures throughout the projects (the ones in the link above were not taken by me) but haven’t posted them – for the most part people could see through the doors what was going on.  But below are two pictures I took because they are a piece of history and can be considered Cathedral archaeology.  The stairwell at the Russell/Cedar Streets corner (the one by what was the Food Pantry entrance) was demolished as part of the remodeling, but a segment of stairs remained, now buried behind the wall of the storage area where the stage used to be.  Here are pictures of the stairs before they were sealed up: