Every so often some inconvenience in our lives comes up and it serves as a reminder of how good we really have it.  The freak storm at the end of October left our house without power for six days and made me realize how much I take things like lights and refrigerators for granted.  Something similar happened early this morning.  A water main broke nearby – read about it here – and, while it was fixed several hours later, we still don’t have potable water – everything coming out of the tap is rusty.  Decent water is another one of those things we take for granted.  We had a loud and wild storm last night, and if anything was to happen I figured we would lose power, but the water thing (I have no idea if it was storm-related) is an interesting wrinkle.

Below is the picture of the public works guys fixing the water main.  Check out the old trolley tracks that were buried and were, at least for today, once again visible: