The subject pretty much sums up what went down today at our house – we were blessed with the arrival of Ambrose Uriel this morning at our home (it was a planned home birth – an awesome experience).  I will write some thoughts on how everything went down when my brain clears up – my sleep pattern today has been Edison-esque with activity punctuated by catnaps rather than any long sleeping periods (and no complaints on that, by the way ).  Prez has been a champ and the girls have welcomed their brother with love.  Ambrose fits the pattern of our other kids in having both a Hebrew and Greek name.  For now, here are the stories of St. Ambrose of Milan and the Archangel Uriel.

PS – In talking with my (Italian) aunt today I noticed that all of our children have names associated with Italian culture.  I am half-Italian and very proud of it but this is a happy coincidence, as Raphaela is named after the archangel rather than the artist, and I am Neapolitan rather than Milanese. Vaia is Baia in Italian but we named her after the Greek word for palm rather than the place near Naples. 🙂