This past Sunday we were blessed to celebrate the ordination of Dn. Andrew to the priesthood. Now Fr. Andrew is basically one of the best guys you will ever meet, and it was an honor to host His Eminence and witness the ordination. Fr. Andrew gave a very moving testimony – I confess it got a little dusty in the church and there were some tears. Below is an excerpt of his speech. You can read the full testimony here.

Your Eminence Metropolitan Methodios, Rev. Chancellor Fr. Ted, Rev. Fr. Gregory, Rev. Fr. Solon, Reverend Archdeacon Dionysios, beloved faithful of the Metropolis of Boston, family and friends.  I stand before you today and give Glory to God for bestowing upon me, by the laying on of hands and the descent of the Holy Spirit, the blessing of ordination to the Holy Priesthood.  Your Eminence, it has been with your paternal love, many blessings, and most of all, your long withstanding patience, that I have navigated to where I am today.  Your dedication to this Metropolis and to all of us that are under your omophorion are blessed to have you as our shepherd, teacher, and spiritual father.  May God grant you many more healthy years to continue doing His work.    

I began this journey with the love and support of my wife, Diakonissa Kalliopi and our daughter Sophia.  They have stood beside me through years of school, and fulltime work schedule, while serving as a Deacon for the past seven years.  I love them so very much and thank them for keeping me grounded and focused.  My beloved mother, Fotini, has cared for our family all her life and has been an example of faith and hard work while enduring many hardships.  It’s been through the presence of the Holy Spirit, the love of Jesus Christ, support of the loving Fathers of this Metropolis, our beloved school, Holy Cross Hellenic College and Seminary, the Deans of the school, and dedicated professors, who have helped to shape me as a person and a clergyman, I am forever in their debt. 

I have been blessed to serve under the Rev. Deans of St. Spyridon Cathedral, Rev Fr.  Dean Paleologos, my spiritual Father, has treated me and my entire family with the care of a loving Father, he called me “his co-worker in Christ”.  He set the example of the humility and love we should have for others, to which I try to emulate in my life and ministry.  Rev. Fr. Dimitri Moraitis, our beloved Dean and Proestamenos, has been invaluable in making me a strong proclaimer of the Holy Gospel and gave me the courage to be confident in my service to Christ.  Father’s dedicated service to the Cathedral in all ministries has shown me the level of dedication it takes to be present and active in ministry. 

Fr. Gregory Christakos was instrumental in placing me on the path to serving the church.  On the day Kalliopi and I were to be married, he asked me the question “Have you ever thought of going to the seminary?  They started a new Diaconate program you might be interested in.”  He has been there for me and my family at every twist and turn and has been a shoulder to cry on.  He has been a mentor to guide me on “the way,” his presence and friendship has been a constant presence in our lives.