Tonight before going to GOYA I stopped off at the Papa Gino’s in Tatnuck Square.  Now, I would normally not be caught dead in a pizza place not owned by a parishioner, but this was a special occasion.  What would otherwise be a slow night at the pizza parlor was enlivened by an art opening featuring the works of our own Sam Lalos as well as our mutual friend Jennifer Caswell.  Sam, our sexton, is an unsung hero at the Cathedral.  He sets up and breaks down baptisms, he handles all the name envelopes for the Saturdays of the Souls and Memorial Day, and every December/January he fills 1000 holy water bottles.  He is also a stupendously talented artist, and this was not the first of his shows that I have been privileged to attend.  Below are some pictures of the art that will be on display there (and available for purchase) into February.

I have always maintained that being creative is the closest we can get to God; when we create we are acting like the Creator.  We don’t all have the talent and drive of people like Sam and Jennifer but we can create in smaller ways that are also fulfilling – making our own Christmas cards, cooking a meal, making a carefully selected mixed CD for a friend, etc.

This work was done by Sam after hearing four musical selections – one classical, one jazz, and so forth – and the painting is his vision of what those sounds look like:

This is one of a series of abstracts from Sam’s live drawing class.  He drew the person who was posing and then continued to make the picture more and more abstract:

The artist himself posing with his work:

Here is a selection of Jennifer’s stuff.  Jennifer is a sculptor but is also a talented abstract painter.  Check out her site here: