One of the more disquieting elements of Sunday liturgy in the past few years has been the tray passed as we get up from kneeling.  This “second tray” (even though it is the first) was added when the Cathedral hit the dire financial straits that everyone seems to be going through these days.  Happily, that tray, passed at a very prayerful time in the service, is no more.  (As the Archdiocese envisions full stewardship, there are of course no trays at all, no candle offerings, etc.  but that is a story for another day).  We decided last night to just have the one tray when the liturgy is done, and once or twice a month have a true second tray, passed after the first, with an announced earmark, as in “this second tray will be for the Poor & Needy Account” or whatever.  I expect this practice to have two effects.  We will all have a more prayerful experience when we arise from kneeling. Also, I imagine we will collect more money.  I myself am a much more cheerful giver with just one tray, and if I hear that there is a special tray for a good cause then I will happily give to that.  The people I have talked to about this issue are all largely on the same page.  We shall see!