Yesterday at Sts. Anargyroi we had the pleasure of a visit from Nancy and Basil “Bill” Tolos, who of course are no strangers to our community.  Bill is the vice-president of the New England Amputee Association, a group which provides support for new amputees.  From their website:

Our team of Amputee Coalition Certified Peer Visitors are ready to assist victims and their families from the recent bombing in Boston. Our Peer Visitors are trained in and offer the following services at no charge:
Moral and emotional support for the amputee and their family
Answers to the many questions about limb loss from the perspective of someone who has been through it
Sharing of experiences and resources
Guidance for “what’s next?” in the recovery process

Bill underwent a leg amputation several years ago, and in true Bill fashion is now a certified peer advisor and VP of the organization.  He understands the difficulty of all of a sudden being without a limb and not knowing what comes next.  We passed a tray at the end of service to benefit the group and raised $400.  For those who were not there or perhaps did not have cash on them you can click on the link above to donate to the group.

A fun postscript to this story – Bill recently got a new prosthetic leg and decided to go all out – it has the Boston Red Sox logo on it!