If you have never been to Sts. Anargyroi in Marlborough before, you probably would have no idea that the community endured a devastating fire in February of 2001.  We have a beautiful hall that is less than two years old, and our church itself is bright and clean and looks much like the pre-fire church did (although it is seven pews longer than the original building).  Most of the original iconography was salvaged.  The iconostasis dates back to the ’50s, and most of the small individual icons that I have in the altar are fine.  There are icons and mosaics in the narthex with dates predating the fire, so they too survived just fine.  Today, though, on the feast of the Holy Cross, I brought out one of a handful of icons that were damaged and beyond restoration.  It is currently on the orthros gospel stand, and I will have it on the children’s stand for Sunday – make sure to check it out.  It is the classic icon of the Elevation of the Holy Cross: