We in central Mass. have a monastery nearby  – St. Columba of Iona, an urban monastery with my good friend Fr. Peter as abbot –  but the Metropolis of Boston is alone among the Metropoleis of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in not having a monastery.  This is not from a disregard of monasticism but rather from the standpoint of caution.  My friend and mentor Fr. Iakovos is here from Simonopetra to help establish our Metropolis’s own monastery.  Several sites are being scouted and hopefully we will be up and running soon.  Our monastery will keep true monastic time.  Liturgy will not be moved later in the morning to align with normal parish liturgy time.  Guests will have to make arrangements beforehand.  Confession will not be heard from laymen or those outside the monastery, and no baptisms or weddings will be celebrated.  The monastery, in short, will not be a parish – it will be a monastery.