September 1, 2011

To the Rev. Clergy and Faithful in the Metropolis of Boston

My Brothers and Sisters in the Household of God,

I am saddened to announce that Sophia Nibi has decided to retire on September 1st.

Back in April 1984 ‚Äď just a few days after I assumed responsibilities as Bishop in Boston, Fr. Dean Paleologos suggested I meet Sophia whom he recommended to become the secretary of the Diocese. When Sophia asked me what she would be responsible for, I responded¬†EVERYTHING. Indeed, Sophia has been more than a secretary. She has literally administered the Diocese (now Metropolis) for more than 27 years, working tirelessly 24 hours per day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Earlier this year, Sophia was blessed with a granddaughter when her daughter, Theresa, adopted a delightful one year old little girl. Sophia wants to spend more time with her family, enjoy her granddaughter, and pursue her hobbies of reading and writing. She will remain an active part of our Metropolis family, and be involved in our Philoxenia House ministry and our St. Methodios Faith & Heritage Center and its programs.

As we begin the new Ecclesiastical year, I pray God bless Sophia and her family with every heavenly gift.

With Episcopal love,


Metropolitan of Boston