This was today: Woke up, did the run-around with the girls, including dropping Vaia off at preschool at the Cathedral, then rolled to Boston for liturgy for the feast day of the Metropolis followed by a clergy meeting (where I was, as a last-minute replacement, one of the featured speakers) and a luncheon (which I skipped).  In the meantime Fr. Dean celebrated a funeral at the Cathedral and then rolled to Boston for hospital visits.  I had a 40-day blessing for Jill and young Andrew (on his name day) and then went to Holy Trinity to give a reflection at the annual hospice memorial program.  Fr. Dean did a self-examination thing with the GOYAns  and then went to an event at the Coral.  I returned to the Cathedral and “supervised” the GOYAns making an additional batch of lollipops and candy to sell this weekend.  I then went to the event at the Coral.  Now I am home and am pretty much toast.  I will, as promised, write in some detail about my presentation on “The Absent Parishioner” on Wednesday.