For years I have thought about doing my own year-end music awards and calling them The Rasputins , since Rasputin and I share the same first name.  This has never happened largely because by the end of the year I have lost track of great new stuff that I have listened to throughout the year.  However, at this point I basically buy almost all of my new music on iTunes through my phone, so the “recently added” section of iTunes keeps track of this stuff for me.  So, below is a list of great new music I listened to this past year.  If you know my musical tastes, you know what to expect – mostly classic rock/alternative oriented tunes.

-The Sunniest Day EP by The Greek Theatre.  This is a great Swedish band that put out an album years ago and then, to my knowledge, disappeared.  Good to have them back with a few new tunes.

-In Mind by Real Estate.  Another of my favorite bands.  Between the band and various offshoots there is new music every year.

-Show You The Way by Thundercat.  This is a single featuring Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins.  No further commentary needed.

-Sunny Side Down by Mark Crozer & The Rels.  Technically this came out in 2016.  I love Teenage Fanclub and these guys share a similar sound and…I hate when critics use sensibility in this context but that is the perfect word.

-Tomorrow Forever by Matthew Sweet.  A typical mix of high-energy songs and ballads.

-Ogilala by Billy Corgan.  Stripped down and contemplative and the best tunes he has produced in while.

-Baby, It’s Love by Flights and Arrows.  If you have listen to as much Boston sports radio as I do you will have heard this song on Subaru commercials endlessly.  I had to get it.

-The Shelters – debut album produced by Tom Petty, RIP.

-Adios Senor Pussycat by Michael Head and The Red Elastic Band.  Head is the singer for Shack, a great Liverpool group that I really like. 

-Sweater Weather by Parks.  Parks is a Boston-area band headed by Brian King.  His music is brilliant but the name of the band, as with The Greek Theatre mentioned above, makes it hard to search for his music – searches tend to turn up various “live at so-and-so park” albums.

Above are just a few of the great new songs and albums that I listened to this past year.  I am looking forward to more great stuff in 2018!